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A.I. Robotics V.R. / A.R.

A.I. Robotics V.R. / A.R.

A.I. Robotics V.R. / A.R. A.I. Robotics V.R. / A.R. A.I. Robotics V.R. / A.R.

The itch being scratched is mastering how these systems are embodied in physical structures in order to work for humanity. 

Our Experience

2016 - Present.

Acquisition of technical knowledge in the fields of artificial intelligence (supervised, unsupervised, machine, deep, transfer, reinforcement), robotics, and virtual/augmented reality.  Through technical conference attendance, programming language exposure, landscaping of domain expertise in  engineering, development, mathematics, academic presentation enrollment, and study of intellectual property significance.

Each business idea, company, and individual person encountered during this research has been cataloged in a database covering the different domains, product-service focuses, published research, and publicly available history in order to make cross-referenced decisions. 

Why Us?

Our road map identifies entry points to both receive and provide the goods and services offered in these respective industries. 

What's Happening Now?

Our Twitter feed is devoted to the latest developments, insights, and educational resources available in these industries.  CONNECT WITH US ... you'll end up knowing more.

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